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Guidelines for the 2018-2019 Season 

1. All Star participants are required to be paid confirmed/pending USASF member athletes and must adhere to USASF guidelines.
2. All participants must submit a signed participant release/waiver form in order to participate or submitted online in our

    registration system. Parent email address is required.  DOWNLOAD VERSION
3. All Star participants must meet age eligibility per the USASF age grid.
4. Team rosters MUST be completed as part of your registration. *** USASF EVENT ROSTER must be turned in to cheack in at the event. 

    Falsification of participant information on team rosters, for All Star teams, will result in a non-compliance form being sent to the

    USASF for further investigation and or disqualification.
5. Teams should report to their scheduled warm-up time approximately 15 minutes prior  to check in.
6. A draft of the Order of Appearance will be emailed/ posted on the Tuesday prior to the event. A Final
    Order of Appearance will be posted on the Thursday prior to the event.

The USASF rules and guidelines for the 2018-2019 season will be followed for All Star. College cheer teams will follow
AACCA safety regulations and school cheer & dance teams will follow NFHS guidelines. Teams are encouraged to perform
skills at their ability level. It is the coach’s responsibility to know the limitations of their team and the restrictions of the division
they have entered. All Star coaches should continually check the USASF guidelines for clarifications and rule changes.
All teams must adhere to their respective safety rules/guidelines:
All Star / Recreational- USASF Rules:
College Cheer-AACCA Rules:
School Cheer & Dance - NFHSRules:


1. All USASF Divisions will be offered
2. All Star Prep

3. All Star Novice
4. School (middle school, high school etc.)
5. College divisions (All-Girl and Coed)
6. Competitive Recreational
7. Dance: All-Star, School, College, Competitive Rec. and Competitive Prep Dance.

To ensure the most positive experience for all participants, coaches and spectators alike, we ask that the following Code of
Conduct be adhered to during all aspects of the event.
1. Participants, coaches, team personnel and spectators must maintain a high level of good sportsmanship.
2. Belligerent behavior by participants, coaches/personnel or spectators toward any event personnel, Event Staff or other
    participants, coaches/personnel or spectators will not be tolerated.
    Unsportsmen like conduct by coaches/athletes & PARENTS may result in a 4.0 deduction, team disqualification and/or removal
    from the event and future events. (This includes blocking judges view, holding up recording equipment, not moving out of fan zone                    seating)
3. Routines and music should be appropriate and suitable for family viewing. Vulgar, suggestive or offensive
    words, movements and/or music are not permitted and will result in a 1.0 deduction at the sole discretion of
    the head judge.
4. Participants, coaches, personnel and spectators are prohibited from making contact with the Judges during the
5. General questions or concerns may be brought to the Coaches Information Center. The appropriate Official will then be called to
    discuss the situation with the coach. Questions regarding scoring should be brought to the "Score Rep"

The Coaches Information Center will be the hub for team registration and general questions regarding the event. Please feel free
to bring questions or concerns to the Coaches Information Center so that we may assist you. Scoring Questions should be
brought to Score Representative (as below).

In order to serve you better we have added a station for a Score Representative. This will be the location where coaches may
review the Summary Form. This form and verification procedure is outlined in the scoring section
of this document.
Coaches will also be EMAILED  their score sheets  upon the completion of the awards ceremony. We ask that all
questions regarding summary sheets and legalities be brought to the Official Score Rep. Inquiries regarding summary sheets may be
made ONLY by the rostered coach and/or program owner of your team. Please do not send more than 1 coach or gym
owner to the score rep station at any given time.

A roster MUST BE SUBMITTED for every team registered for this event. USASF membership is required for All Star Athletes
Including All Star Prep teams. All Star programs must use the rosters generated by their USASF athlete membership which are
specific to the event you are registering for. School and Rec teams please fill out the information completely and accurately.

Crossovers are allowed at all events and must follow the USASF guidelines. Participants may compete on up
to 2 teams. Our staff will make every effort to schedule warm-ups and competition times to accommodate crossovers
however time between performance and practice cannot be guaranteed. Upon registering your teams please be sure to
complete the crossover information. This will help us identify all participants competing on more than one team. Be sure
all crossover participants are still within the age requirements set forth by the USASF age grid.

An All Star Prep team is a team composed of members, belonging to an All Star gym, who do not cheer a “traditional” or “full”
year season. Some gyms call them ½ year teams. The goal of the All Star prep division is to provide for increased opportunities
for these ½ year teams without forcing them to compete against traditional All Star teams which are more competitive in nature
and have a longer season.
Routine length for All Star Prep will be 2 minutes and basket tosses are NOT allowed. There will be a timing violation warranted if
teams exceed the maximum time of 2:00 minutes for this division. The safety/legality judges will follow the same timing deductions
used for all other divisions.

In order to compete in a Competitive Rec Cheer Division at SHOUT! and the U.S. Finals, your team must fall into The U.S.
Finals Definition of Competitive Rec Cheerleading. The U.S. Finals defines Competitive Rec Cheerleading as any form of
competitive cheerleading that does not represent a school or an All Star program. Teams must cheer for a sport and can be
affiliated with (but not limited to) Pop Warner Associations, Youth Cheer Associations, City/County Parks and Recreation
Departments, YMCA’s, Boys and Girls Clubs, or any other community program that does not support school or All Star gym.

Competitive Prep Dance teams are designed with the purpose of introducing athletes into the sport of dance with a lower
commitment than full year teams. Competitive Prep Dance Divisions are for those teams that do not follow the same
participation (full-year) guidelines or requirements as a competitive All Star dance team. Competitive Prep dance teams may or
may not be affiliated with an All Star program. Competitive Prep Dance teams typically practice and compete less than “full year”
All Star teams. Competitive Prep Dance teams are often “half year” teams or teams that are developed to offer a shorter
season, more relaxed environment and less travel.


This division was created for teams who are looking to perform for evaluative purposes only but who are not ready to
compete. Teams will be categorized as competitive recreation, all-star, school, college, etc. for the purpose of placement in
the schedule. Team members must fulfill the age requirement for the division that they are entering and must adhere to
the Division/Age Grid and Level Rules as would any other team. Registration fees for exhibition teams will be the same as
All Star registration fees for each specific event. Teams will receive recognition for their participation. Awards will
vary from event to event. Teams are automatically ineligible for prize money, level champ awards and specialty awards.

*  SHOUT! is offering Exhibition Teams to perform without being scored at a reduced rate at most events. Teams will 

receive recognition for their participation only.  Teams are automatically ineligible for prize money, level champ awards

and specialty awards.

* Exhibition Teams will be placed on the schedule to fill open slots, breaks, session start or end of session at SHOUT! discretion. 

The USASF definition of “Division II” is as follows: “Division II” is defined as having one physical address for its location and has
125 or less athletes registered in its competitive cheer program as of 11/1/18. A gym must be declared as “Division II” for the
season by the 11/1/18 deadline. Exhibition teams, crossover athletes, special needs teams and dance teams do not count toward
the 125 or less athletes. “Prep” athletes are counted toward the 125 athletes are less.
If at any time during the season the gym’s membership goes above 125 athletes, then it may no longer be considered a “Division
II” gym. A gym may not declare itself as “Division II” after the 11/1/18 deadline regardless of the number of athletes gained/lost
during the season.

SHOUT! will not provide additional spotters at our events. We feel program owners and coaches know their
routines best and therefore should determine for themselves if additional spotters should be utilized.
SHOUT! will allow teams to use additional “routine spotters” from their gym. “Routine Spotters” are additional
spotters who are not part of the routine but have intimate knowledge of the stunts being performed in the routine.
They exist solely for the purpose of spotting “errant skill” and may not participate in stunts or help save a skill or spot
tumbling. A maximum of 5 additional “routine spotters” are allowed. They must follow safety guidelines with regard to
apparel/dress and should wear clothing that designates them as a spotter and is not distracting. Any infraction of the safety
rules by routine spotters (ie; jewelry, inappropriate clothing, etc) may result in a safety violation of 1.0 per infraction.

Each team will have a total of 12 - 16 minutes for Warm-ups. There will be 1 or 2 stations with 2-3 carpet bonded
foam warm-up floor then a separate spring tumbling strip for a proper tumbling warm-up, then finally a 54’ X 42’
carpet bonded foam warm-up floor will be provided. Coaches should also be aware that safety is our number one concern.
Therefore practicing stunts, pyramids, tosses, jumps or tumbling is prohibited outside these designated areas.
All teams will compete on a standard 54’ X 42’ Spring Floor.

1. All Star Cheer teams and Rec. will have a maximum of 2 minutes and 30 seconds to compete.
2. All Star Prep teams will have a maximum of 2 minutes to compete.
3. College Cheer will have a maximum of 2 minutes and 30 seconds to compete.
4. School teams will have a 3:00 minute Maximum.
5. Dance Teams will have a Maximum of 2 minutes and 30 seconds with a minimum of 1 minute 45 seconds.
6. Timing will start with the first organized movement, voice, or beat of music.
7. Participants should enter and exit the performance area in a timely fashion. Organized entrances or exits
    that involve cheers, jumps, tumbling, or stunts are not permitted
8. Routines must be appropriate and suitable for “family viewing”. Crude or suggestive movements will result in
    a 1.0 deduction at the discretion of the head judge.

1. One coach or gym owner must be at the music station. This person will be responsible for playing/stopping the music and must be             responsible for making decisions about music as it relates to interruption of performance. This person must remain in the music area       throughout the entire performance.
2. All Music must be appropriate for “family viewing”.
3. Use of portable devices such as iPod, iPad, etc. may be used. HOWEVER any notification interruptions by said
    device (call,text, voicemail alerts, etc.) will NOT be considered a technical malfunction.
4. Music should be on a high quality CD. Duplicate CDs or “back-up CD’s” must be available at the music station in the
    event of a technical malfunction.
5. In the event a technical malfunction occurs which interrupts a team’s performance, the head judge will discuss the
    interruption with the team coach and determine if the routine may be repeated.
6. If it is decided that the team wil repeat the performance they must perform it “full out” from the beginning.
    Judging will resume from the point at which the performance was interrupted. All point deductions and rule
    infraction deductions will carry over from the 1st performance to the point of interruption. The head judge will
    determine the point of the routine interruption.

Event officials, coach of the injured athlete and/or the injured athlete may stop a routine due to an obvious injury when
the injury would compromise the safety of said athlete or his/her team members. If the routine has been stopped due to
an injury, the team will clear the floor and report back to the warm-up area within 15 minutes of the injury. They will be
given the opportunity to rotate one more time thru the warm-up stations if they so choose. That team will then have the
option of performing their routine again at the discretion of the head coach. Judging will resume from the point at which
the injury/interruption occurred as determined by the Head Judge. The original routine must be performed “full out” from
the beginning. All point deductions accumulated to that point, will carry over from the 1st performance. If a team prefers
not to re-work the routine and perform again, at the coach’s discretion, they may take the score they have received up to
that point. If a skill has not been performed a “0” will be given in those categories.

An injured participant may not return to the competition floor unless the competition officials receive clearance from all of the
following; event medical personnel AND parent/guardian AND head coach/gym owner of competing team. In the event of a
suspected head injury the participant will not be allowed to return without written authorization from a licensed medical
professional with training in the field of head injuries.

1. The SHOUT! scoring system is based on the industry standard and has been developed through the collective efforts of
    industry professionals.
2. Panel judges will score each team performance using the scoring grid to determine the appropriate range.
3. Point Deduction / Legality judges will assess each performance from beginning to end of each routine.
4. A head judge will oversee the panel and the point deduction/legality judges.
5. Decisions of the head judge are final and may not be changed once placements are announced.
6. Coaches should not approach the judge’s table under any circumstance.
7. Your Difficulty Range Verification form (see below) will be available at the Score Rep Station 10 minutes after you
    compete. Final Score Sheets will be emailed after each awards ceremony.

SHOUT! offers coaches the opportunity to review their scored range, PRIOR to the awards ceremony. The “Score Rep” will
receive a copy of each teams’ difficulty range verification form (DRV) within 10 minutes of the routine end. Coaches should visit the
Score Rep Station 10 minutes after thier teams performance and review the video.  If the coach wishes to have their routine reviewed they MUST do so within 20 minutes of performance by filling out a form. A fee will apply. All reviews will be done at the end of that session.  Coach(es) must provide video of their teams performance at that time of review. If coach is correct they will receive it back.

If more deductions are seen during the review those new deductions will be applied to the score.
The Score Rep may review the routine and answer any questions. If the Score Rep feels there is a discrepancy he/she will
communicate with head judge for final ruling. Decisions of the head judge are FINAL.

1. Your registration will only be finalized once payment is received. The final balance of payment must be made 14 days prior
    to the event date (unless stated otherwise on registration form).
    On time registration must be received 1 month prior to event. Under 1 month is considered late.
    Late fee per athlete & crossover will apply.
2. MAIL IN Payments can be made in the form of a US Postal Money Order or certified bank check.
    Payments made within 2 weeks of the event will require a certified bank check, US Postal Money Order or CASH only.

                                              **** NO BUSINESS OR PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED.  ****
                               Gyms with outstanding balances will not be allowed to compete at the event.

                                                   A 5% fee will apply to all balances paid by Credit Cards
                                     Mail or E-Mail Payment, Registration form, Medical Waviers, Team Rosters to:
                                                                                   Shout! Cheer and Dance
                                                                            6272 Webster Rd, Portland, NY 14769


NOTE: To ensure your registration has been processed, all forms must be completed properly and payment
received prior to 14 days from the event.

SHOUT! will provide 2 registered coaches badges per team which will allow access to the warm-up area and performance floor.
Additional coach’s badges may be purchased with team registration. The safety of our athletes is top priority and therefore we
ask that badges be distributed ONLY to coaches who are officially associated with and insured by your school/program. All Star
Coaches & personnel MUST HAVE completed background checks through NCSI to be allowed access to the warm-up area and
performance floor. It is the responsibility of each All Star gym owner to assign badges ONLY to coaches & personnel who have
completed background checks through NCSI. All Star coaches & personnel who do not have a completed background check and
athletes who are not on the team roster are not permitted in the warm-up area as per USASF. We appreciate your assistance with
keeping our athletes safe.

SHOUT! does allow a program up to (1) division change per team. These division changes must be made prior
to 14 days from the event
. If a division change must take place after this date, SHOUT! will assess a $250.00 fee
for each change which must be paid before performance.


Team Cancellation -  must be presented in writing to to be official. Please call our office
to inform us of any cancellation that is within a week of the event. SHOUT! does not process individual participant
cancellations nor will we refund individual participants. The following team cancellation policies shall apply:
       1. Team cancellation must be requested IN WRITING by the person who filed the original registration or the gym owner.
       2. If we receive written cancellation 60 or more days prior to the event you may transfer all fees to another event in the same
           season OR receive a full refund. The transfer/refund must be requested, in writing, within 30 days of your cancellation to be
      3. If we receive your written cancellation 59-15 days prior to the event you may transfer your registration fees to another
          event in the same season. The transfer must be requested, in writing, within 30 days of your cancellation to be considered.
     4. No refund will be issued within 14 days of the event for any reason to include inclement weather or injury.
     5. No refund/partial refund will be issued for teams opting to change to an “exhibition” division for any reason including

Cancellation of the Event
​If an event is cancelled for any unforseen circumstances, (Weather, Venue, Acts of nature or god, etc) 

      1. SHOUT! will try to reschedule the event.  If the event is rescheduled and your team does not participate, there will be no refund of any               registration fees. 

     2. If we can not reschedule the event 100% of registration fees will be refunded or transferred to anther event in the same season. We are only responsible for the amount actually paid to SHOUT!. We are not liable for travel, hotel or any other expenses incurred for attending any event.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, all SHOUT! events will go on regardless of the weather conditions. Venues may force us to cancel due to unseen circumstances (including weather related) in which case information will be posted the morning of the event on Travelling teams can contact SHOUT! via email for updates. SHOUT! Cheer & Dance is not responsible for contacting each team. An attempt will be made to contact the designated contact for the registration. Otherwise, if the Venue location is open, the event will go on.  Please make any necessary travel arrangements so that you will not have any problems making it to the event on time and safely.   No refunds will be made for teams that choose not to attend.

Please keep an eye on the local and national weather forecasts so that you are prepared for any inclement weather in your area.



Regional Event

Level Champions  (Level includes All Star, School & Rec)

Grand Champions

National Event

Level champions  (Level includes All Star, School & Rec)

Grand Champions

NOTE: If team is out of level session they forfeit being level champs.

Any coaches gifts will be limited to 2 per team (if 2 coaches are registered) any extras may be purchased.

To enter the warm-up room at a USASF Sanctioned event, the requirements are as follows:

1. Athlete membership paid for the current membership term.
2. Listed on the roster as an active or reserve athlete for the team entering the warm-up room.

Program Owners

1. Career membership fee has been paid for the current membership term.
2. Green Light Background Check Status issued by the National Council of Safety Initiatives.
3. Listed on the roster as an Owner for the Program/Gym.

4. Have  ID provided by USASF.


1. Career membership fee has been paid for the current membership term.
2. Green Light Background Check Status issued by the National Council of Safety Initiatives.
3. Listed on the roster as a coach for the team entering the warm-up room with a designation of Professional Membership status.

4. Have Coaches ID.

Junior Staff or Special Needs Buddy under 18 years old

1. Listed on the roster as a junior staff for the team entering the warm-up room.


Other Gym Staff or Volunteer 18 years or older
1. Auxiliary membership fee has been paid for the current membership term.

2. Green Light Background Check Status issued by the National Council of Safety Initiatives.
3. Listed on the Personnel Roster (for non-coaching staff) for the team(s) with which he/she entering the warm-up room.

4. Have Auxiliary ID.

Gym/Studio membership is required for all programs and/or teams competing in all star divisions at USASF sanctioned events



Updated: Nov 1, 2018