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Our Vision

All-Star cheerleading has evolved so much over the years. It has transformed into a multi billion dollar industry, 

SHOUT! Cheer and Dance has been focused on providing some great USASF sanctioned events at an affordable cost. We understand the pressure that this sport has put on everyone. Athletes want to have fun and be involved with something challenging. Parents want to support their kids and keep them busy. Coaches want to teach a wonderful and demanding sport.

Now we have so many choices on events and the costs associated with them. Each year All-Star cheer costs have risen to a boiling point. SHOUT! Cheer and Dance has done as much as possible to keep prices affordable while providing the same safety requirements to keep your athletes safe. Full 54' x 42' Spring Floor, 54' x 42' practice floor, tumble track, 2 mats for stretching, with an EMT, RN or PT on hand. We take athlete safety seriously.


SHOUT! Competitions are designed with gym owners, athletes & families in mind.  All of our events are USASF Sanctioned events. 

Coaches and athletes can expect a fun, quality event whenever they compete with us!  We strive to keep our per athlete registration costs low and our event experience high!

Every team will receive a trophy.  

Level Champion Teams will receive banners.   

The Overall Highest Scoring Team will receive SHOUT! Championship Tees at most events.  

National Champion Jackets or Pom Jerseys will be awarded at our National and International Events.

The most Spirited Fans will receive a cash award for their gym, so bring it!
We will be awarding paid, partial paid and unpaid bids to Our National and International events, 1 WORLD Bermuda and US Finals at select events
The most Spirited Fans will receive a cash award for their gym, so bring it!