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All Star / Recreational- USASF Rules: 2016-2017 Rules (6/7/16) & Breakdown       

          2017-2018 rules must be accessed in your usasf member accounts
College Cheer-AACCA Rules:
School Cheer & Dance - NFHSRules:

1. All USASF Divisions will be offered
2. All Star Prep
3. School (middle school, high school etc.)
4. College divisions (All-Girl and Coed)
5. Competitive Recreational
6. Dance: All-Star, School, College, Competitive Rec. and Competitive Prep Dance.

A roster MUST BE SUBMITTED for every team registered for this event. All Star, School and Rec teams please fill out the information completely and accurately. You must have a copy of each athletes birth certificate on each team and able to produce immediately upon event staffs request. If not produced athlete will not be permitted to compete.

Crossovers are allowed at all events and must follow the USASF guidelines. Participants may compete on up
to 2 teams. Our staff will make every effort to schedule warm-ups and competition times to accommodate crossovers
however time between performance and practice cannot be guaranteed. Upon registering your teams please be sure to
complete the crossover information. This will help us identify all participants competing on more than one team. Be sure
all crossover participants are still within the age requirements set forth by the USASF age grid.

An All Star Prep team is a team composed of members, belonging to an All Star gym, who do not cheer a “traditional” or “full”
year season. Some gyms call them ½ year teams. The goal of the All Star prep division is to provide for increased opportunities
for these ½ year teams without forcing them to compete against traditional All Star teams which are more competitive in nature
and have a longer season.
Routine length for All Star Prep will be 2 minutes and basket tosses are NOT allowed. There will be a timing violation warranted if
teams exceed the maximum time of 2:00 minutes for this division. The safety/legality judges will follow the same timing
deductions used for all other divisions.

In order to compete in a Competitive Rec Cheer Division at SHOUT! and the U.S. Finals, your team must fall into The U.S.
Finals Definition of Competitive Rec Cheerleading. The U.S. Finals defines Competitive Rec Cheerleading as any form of
competitive cheerleading that does not represent a school or an All Star program. Teams must cheer for a sport and can be
affiliated with (but not limited to) Pop Warner Associations, Youth Cheer Associations, City/County Parks and Recreation
Departments, YMCA’s, Boys and Girls Clubs, or any other community program that does not support school or All Star gym.

Competitive Prep Dance teams are designed with the purpose of introducing athletes into the sport of dance with a lower
commitment than full year teams. Competitive Prep Dance Divisions are for those teams that do not follow the same
participation (full-year) guidelines or requirements as a competitive All Star dance team. Competitive Prep dance teams may or
may not be affiliated with an All Star program. Competitive Prep Dance teams typically practice and compete less than “full year”
All Star teams. Competitive Prep Dance teams are often “half year” teams or teams that are developed to offer a shorter
season, more relaxed environment and less travel.

This division was created for teams who are looking to perform for evaluative purposes only but who are not ready to
compete. Teams will be categorized as competitive recreation, all-star, school, college, etc. for the purpose of placement in
the schedule. Team members must fulfill the age requirement for the division that they are entering and must adhere to
the Division/Age Grid and Level Rules as would any other team. Registration fees for exhibition teams will be the same as
All Star registration fees for each specific event. Teams will receive recognition for their participation. Awards will
vary from event to event. Teams are automatically ineligible for prize money, level champ awards and specialty awards.

The USASF definition of “Division II” is as follows: “Division II” is defined as having one physical address for its location and has
125 or less athletes registered in its competitive cheer program as of 11/1/17. A gym must be declared as “Division II” for the
season by the 11/1/17 deadline. Exhibition teams, crossover athletes, special needs teams and dance teams do not count toward
the 125 or less athletes. “Prep” athletes are counted toward the 125 athletes are less.
If at any time during the season the gym’s membership goes above 125 athletes, then it may no longer be considered a “Division
II” gym. A gym may not declare itself as “Division II” after the 11/1/17 deadline regardless of the number of athletes gained/lost
during the season.