1.  Registration will be $20/athlete for All-star $10/athlete Rec, and $100/school team.  There will not be any crossover fees or coaches fees.

2.  Videos can be any video timestamped for the current season from either a SHOUT! event or another event.

3.  Rosters for All-star still need to be submitted to USASF, as we are sanctioned and want to be sure we are keeping things standard as we would a non-virtual event.

4.  Submission dates for video: We want to give all teams time to get reorganized and an opportunity to talk to their athletes and parents.  We know that is particularly difficult to do right now so you may submit videos any time between May 10 - 14th.  This gives roughly a month to talk to teams, locate and upload the video into regchamp.  I will send you quick instructions on uploading once you confirm registration.

5.  Awards - All teams will receive banners for placements, levels, and overall!  We know how much the athletes love HIT ZERO buttons so teams earning those will receive those as well.  We will be recognizing Level and the Overall Grand Champs.


It gets better -- ALL PARTICIPANTS AND COACHES/STAFF OF OUR NYC NATIONALS WILL RECEIVE personal invites to either spectate or participate in the 2020 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  In order to participate, you must be between 13 and 18 as of 11/1/20.  Otherwise you can spectate, which gives you access to the activities, sites, and sounds minus the performance.  This means you get to skip the audition process and spend some time in NYC enjoying the sites and sounds as a team.  More info will follow in your prize pack!


We have a few other fun rewards in store and will talk about those closer to the submission date.


Yes we know there is a good chance things will not be completely back to normal so we have a few fun things planned for awards remotely!  Please do make sure your address is correct in regchamp .... that's all I am going to say for now.


6.  Winners will be announced on MONDAY MAY 18th!  Depending on the state of the Stay at Home order, we may have a delay in sending out prize packs.  Rest assured we will be working quickly to get things sent as we are as excited as you!