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  • General Information
    SHOUT! Cheer and Dance communicates DIRECTLY with Club Owners and Coaches. We DO NOT provide information to parents outside of what you see posted on this page. Please keep in mind, prices posted DO NOT INCLUDE any additional travel, coach, or administration fees by your club, they are the registration cost per athlete to compete ONLY! Please direct all financial information to your club. SHOUT! reserves the right to modify information posted on this site at any time.
  • Be Spectator STARS!
    SHOUT! is committed to providing top notch experience for ALL athletes, coaches, and spectators. Help us make every event a positive experience by doing the following: S - Sportsmanship starts on the sidelines. Our Athletes are always watching. T - Teach what you preach. Lead by example. A - Applause for All. Yes that means all! R - Respect ALL ... Other Clubs, Your Club, Yourself, Officials, and Event Staff S - Sit or Stand in the Fan Zone areas for your team(s) ONLY! SHOUT! will be rewarding spectators that model positive sportsmanship for ALL athletes this season! Keep in mind, any abusive, unsportsmanlike behavior, and the use of inappropriate language (verbal or non) will NOT be tolerated and can result in removal from the event and premises.
  • Seating and Venue Rules
    All other seating is general admission and seat saving is not permitted. For assistance with handicapped or elderly seating please see one of our SHOUT! Staff members. At MOST SHOUT! events, Fan Zone Seating/Standing will be available. These areas are ONLY for the team currently performing and priority will be given to family members of those individuals. Location will usually be on either side of the judges' table or directly in front. Once your team’s performance is finished, please exit quickly to make room for the next set of fans. Thank you for your help in this matter. At no time will seats be occupied in this/these areas for the duration of the event. Failure to follow Fan Zone rules may result in penalty against your team and/or ejection from the event. SHOUT! staff asks that NO ONE saves seats, uses spectator seating to hold bags/duffels/jackets, etc, or blocks other's view by moving seats out of their designated spot. Please respect the venue and follow all rules regarding food and beverage. At almost all venues smoking and vaping are not permitted. Those in violation of venue policies are subject to local, state, and federal charges. Spectators must purchase tickets on our website prior to entrance into the venue. Tickets will be scanned at the door and wristbands will be distributed at all events.
  • Safety
    Please take a moment to identify your nearest exits. Keep in mind these may not be directly visible and might be behind you. In event of an emergency, SHOUT! staff will provide exit instructions. Please keep all aisles clear and open to allow others to walk through open areas. SHOUT! takes safety very seriously which is why at least ONE coach from each team must have credentials from either USASF or USA Cheer. Both require more than a standard background check, as well abuse prevention, detection, and reporting, and education.
  • Schedule
    SHOUT! makes every effort to stay on schedule, however live events may run ahead or behind due to a variety of things. While most of these are unplanned and often hectic, we will do our best to keep the schedule as close to that posted as possible. SHOUT! cannot be held responsible for parents and spectators who miss performances or award ceremonies. All times are approximate, subject to change & can fluctuate by as much as one hour in each direction. Please direct performance and report time questions directly to your child's coach(es), as they will be given the most current information in the event of a schedule change. To view a live schedule, scan the QR code at the event or refer to the schedule posted on the Event Page. The block schedules are for reference only and WILL NOT necessarily be the time you child(ren) compete.
  • Hotels
    SHOUT! is NOT a stay to play Event Producer. However, we will have hotel recommendations with discounts available for a number of our events. Please see the hotel link listed on the event page for more information.
  • Photos
    SHOUT! does not guarantee professional photography at our events, however we often run our Parent Photo Contest! Look for the Event Photo Contest post in our Parent Info Facebook page. Be sure to not only drop those photos below the post but tag them on social with #shoutcheer #allinforallstar #shoutrecstars #shoutdance
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